HDPE products

Engineering and production in Norway


AquaUV Pool line
Aquaservice AQS-PL UV system is the most versatile Swimming UV System in the market.
Aquatrans is a unique multi-directional valve that can be used in a wide range of applications.
Aquafilter Pool line
The first ever patented Self Cleaning Automatic Filter designed and sized especially for the aquatics market, following NSF guidelines.
Aquaservice has developed and supplied reliable filters for aquaculture and maritime industry for close to 40 years. We are a leading supplier of self-cleaning filters for the maritime indus
Aquaservice is an agent for ATG UV Technology’s products. Turnkey watertreatment systems, ready with flanges to be connected to water supply. Delivered to match required water volume – and adhering to all…
Subsea pipeline
We supply turnkey subsea pipelines; from project to installed, ready to use system.
Pipe fittings
We supply all types of fittings that are specially adapted to your project.
Aquaservice HardRIB® is a boat with fantastic seaworthiness that can also withstand a beating.
Special products
In addition to offering our own key products to the industry, we work with a diverse range of customers to develop, engineer and manufacture unique products tailored to their needs.
10 000
production premises
Aquaservice established

Proud history from Sykkylven

Reliable filters for aquaculture and the maritime industry for almost 40 years

Our “can do” attitude is reflected in the flexibility of our production, choice of materials, quality, professional pride and in the solutions we present.

Our leading expertise lies in plastics and compact water treatment solutions adapted to industries with high demands on product performance.

Our engineers with extensive experience in plastics and water treatment contribute their knowledge to design and produce tailor-made solutions for an optimal system

Aquaservice is a specialist in plastic PEHD, water treatment and supplies solutions for various industries, including Aquaculture, Aquatics, Industrial and the Municipal sector.

Aquaservice has several unique self-developed and self-produced products with over 12,000 m2 for production alone.

Products and services supplied include AquaFilter, AquaTrans, UV Systems, pipework, Bespoke water treatment plants, sea lines and intake strainers.

HDPE is extremely flexible and able to suit different environments and specifications.  Any product produced in HDPE is very easy to modify to suit bespoke applications, this along with being noncorrosive in regard to seawater and most chemicals, make it a perfect material for all forms of water treatment.

Production is based in Norway. Aquaservice has approx. 30 employees

Close collaboration with the market and unique expertise as well as almost 40 years of experience from various types of HDPE constructions and processes in the industry.

Our attitude is “If it’s so simple that it can be drawn, we can produce it” Many of the products we produce are bespoke to our customer designs.

Aquafilter, Aquaservice has developed and supplied reliable filters for water works, aquaculture, maritime and other industries for almost 40 years.

Filters produced and installed in the early 1980s are still in daily use.

Close cooperation with the market combined with unique expertise and experience from various water treatment plants has helped us to become one of the leading suppliers of self-cleaning pressure filters.


Aquatrans; Fish transport valve, Developed for and in collaboration with the aquaculture industry. Unique on the market for over 20 years. The smoothest and gentlest multi-select valve for easy and gentle transport of live fish

Reduces pipes and the number of valves in one system. No rigging – ready to use. Frequent sorting and better growth. Available from DN-100 to DN-600.

We can offer expertise, standard products, tailoring and complete installations according to customer specifications and advice.

Pipe systems with components such as engineering, constructions in PEHD, pipes, bends, manifolds, pumps, valves, filters, UV, quantity measurement, UPS, generators, measuring equipment, etc.

And we have experience with this.

  • Aquaculture – the farming industry.
  • Well boats, service companies, hatcheries.
  • Recirculating Aquaculture Systems and run through plants.
  • Municipal
  • Power plant.
  • Industrial
  • Aquatics.