AquaCleanBox is a high capacity manual filter with extreme durability.
AquaFilter Multibag is a multi-bag filter specially designed for efficient filtration and easy change of bags.
AquaFilter Single Bag, in high-density polyethylene (HDPE), is the best choice for industrial, commercial and OEM applications.
Aquafilter Triple Action (TAC) is designed for extremely demanding filtration tasks at low operating pressure.
Aquafilter Backflush automatic backflush filter.
Aquafilter Disk is an automatic self-cleaning filter, based on the Bernoulli principle.


Aquaservice has developed and supplied reliable filters for aquaculture and maritime industry for close to 40 years. We are a leading supplier of self-cleaning filters for the maritime industry.
Standard for all Aquafilter models is a strainer insert made of stainles steel with a V-shaped form for efficient filtration and backflush. The specially developed strainer inserts are designed for efficient filtration at the lowest possible drop in p ressure. The filter has an efficient backflush
process even at low pressure levels.

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Disk Technology (D)

  • Backwash: Bernoulli’s Principle
  • Wedge wire filter element is standard

Backflush Technology (BF)

  • Aquaservice patented technology
  • Wedge wire filter element is standard

TAC Technology (TripleAction)

  • Combines the Bernoulli principle and ejector for efficient backwashing and low flushing volume
  • Wedge wire filter element is standard

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